wrksourcing’s perfect recipe for the ideal Virtual Assistant

wrksourcings recipe for va

Akin to the kitchen, the workplace can be the perfect environment to craft a Michelin-star worthy master chef or the ideal Virtual Assistant. Substitute those ingredients for now and leave them be in the kitchen so we can focus on the perfect recipe or qualities of a 5-star Virtual Assistant in the workplace.

4 cups of Excellent Communication 

The bread and butter of every Virtual Assistant, just like any fine meal, a Virtual Assistant must possess 1 cup of comprehension for not only absorbing information but to fully understand the task at hand, 1 cup of listening because taking note of the tiniest details matter, 1 cup of speaking to fully express thyself and 1 cup of writing to produce only the freshest of content. 


1 tbsp of Flexibility

In order to fully integrate the main ingredients and make sure the flavors work well together, the ideal Virtual Assistant must be flexible enough to take advantage of its 4 cups of excellent communication  and the other necessary ingredients whenever it presents itself. The ideal Virtual Assistant should be as flexible as any dish from every corner of the globe!


1 bunch of Multi-Tasking 

Every delectable meal contains that most secret ingredient that binds everything together and makes the meal taste as one. In the case of the ideal Virtual Assistant, that secret ingredient happens to be a teaspoon of multi-tasking  which allows for explosive flavors firing in all directions, similar to a Virtual Assistant working in a multitude of ways.


1 gallon of Responsibility

Similar to a master chef carrying all the responsibility in the kitchen, a perfect Virtual Assistant must also remain responsible at all times knowing that numerous clients trust not only their time and money but also to experience the euphoric value which can only be replicated by a 5-star restaurant.


1 tsp of Structure 

A 5-star meal does not simply exist out of thin air. To fully transform a chef’s vision right on to the plate, there needs to be a structured skill set from careful planning, meticulous organizing to putting it all into action. For an ideal Virtual Assistant, a teaspoon of structure similar to that of a master chef will be the final salt bae moment for the perfect recipe of an ideal Virtual Assistant!


Bon Appétit!


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