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Hey everyone and happiest of June months!

Today we’d like to shed light on a new topic that we feel is extremely important as we approach the weekend. This blog is a little different as it takes a new angle than most of the blogs we’ve shared, nevertheless, we felt the need to use our voice to highlight a very important matter!

Before we begin, how are you feeling about the transition from Spring to Summer? Have you spent a lot of your spare time outside? Lots of R&R over the last few weeks in your backyard? Dusted off the old bbq? For most people, as Summer approaches and as the world slowly creeps back to some form of normalcy, our spirits are lifted, there is a sense of ease and hope, and this summer specifically, there is a strong sense of belonging as outdoor gatherings and get-togethers ramp back up again.

Yes, there is a lot to be hopeful for as we spend more time doing the things we love with friends and family, even if it’s from a distance. However, this Friday, June 11th, the province of Ontario (where wrksroucing HQ is located) declared the reopening of businesses in hospitality; restaurants and retail, keeping in mind capacity of course.

Honestly, we see this reopening as both good news and bad news. It is great news for restaurants and the industry as a whole- those who get to reopen and finally start generating some form of company revenue (heck, it’s been long enough…) but it’s also really unsettling for restaurant owners who were forced to close down over the last year. If you know of a restaurant owner or employee who lost their job amidst the pandemic, or unfortunately had to close their small business, check in and see how they’re doing.

Even for the restaurants that were able to stay afloat, the next few months will without a doubt be a tough transition for most food and beverage employees- whether it’s the service/kitchen staff, management, or the owners. Adjusting back to the chaotic atmosphere of the industry isn’t going to be seamless by nature. As exciting as it is that we’ll have the chance to sit on a patio with a souped up margarita and authentic Mexican tacos in hand, we need to keep in mind the pressure that a lot of these restaurants are under as they reopen and reconcile customer relationships over the next few months.

Now, how can we support the reopening of local restaurants and retail companies? At wrksourcing, we are all about supporting businesses and providing exceptional assistance to the companies who need it most. We really want to emphasize how important it is and how even a small gesture when supporting local can actually make a huge difference this year. Let’s make a conscious effort to make sure hospitality workers are left feeling respected and appreciated for their hard work this summer.

Check it out: A few friendly reminders when you’re out for patio beverages this summer OR checking out the awesome local stores/small businesses in your hometown:

  • Tip your server.This goes without saying- leave a tip. A generous tip is an added bonus and you will MAKE THEIR DAY. Baby boomers- I’m sorry to admit this, but 15% is not an acceptable tip anymore. An 18-20% tip is acceptable!
  • Use your manners and say please and thank you.We were told this repeatedly as a child when we were out at a restaurant- but it’s common courtesy and a good reminder as adults in this day and age to remember to say thanks!
  • Be patient! Both the restaurant and retail workers will be hustling diligently to serve you, the customer. However, they’re still shaking the dust off and getting back into the swing of things. If it takes a long time to get seated or receive your drinks, try to remember to fair with the staff. They’re honestly doing the best they can.
  • Show empathy. Let’s try to make the relationships with these companies less transactional, and more meaningful, such as asking the server how their day is going before ordering your drink. Something as simple as stacking empty plates and moving them to the side of the table saves them time and actually goes a long way.
  • Positive feedback goes a long way. Let them know how much you enjoyed their service (whether it’s a restaurant or retail shop) after the fact with a big smile and wish them well on the rest of their day- it really does make a difference.

We also understand those that don’t want to spend time on a patio this summer or, subsequently, are trying to save money this year. Here are a few tips for supporting local without having to navigate the crowds or spending a ton of moolah:

  • Follow local companies on social media & share their posts, whether its promotions, new items, etc. on all of your social media platforms!
  • Curb-side pick up of local items; whether it’s from your favourite brewery, take out from your favourite restaurant, etc. We know a patio beer can be expensive at some locations, but retail cans are almost always cheaper! Curb-side is still an option and restaurants will be happy either way. Remember, any business is good business!

A little insight from the wrksourcing team when it comes to take-out at restaurants.. TIP on your takeout! Amidst a busy rush at dinner, you would be surprised how much effort it takes to put together your order and make sure it’s ready to go on time upon your arrival.

  • Leave a review on their website even if you only picked up takeout food, or you purchased a product from a retail company curb-side. Snap a quick photo of the new plant stand you picked up at the funky new local shop down the street, tagging the company in your story on Instagram.

Lastly, ask local businesses what you can do to support their business, even if it isn’t lucrative for them. Letting them know that you want to help is enough for them to digest in their busy day.

I know over the last year we’ve heard it on a ton of platforms, and even the News did a decent job at shedding light on supporting local. But if there is any right time to support it’s NOW… as companies start to reopen and try to overcome the financial barriers that come with being closed for so long due to COVID-19.

We’ll be choosing local business to shout out moving forward into the months of summer.

Stay tuned for a a few of our favourite local companies we want to shed some light on. For now, go to your favourite spots and shops and support away!


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