Seven Misunderstood Facts about Virtual Assistant Jobs

misunderstood facts about virtual assistant jobs

Virtual Assistant jobs have gained more popularity recently, especially during the pandemic. As many people who unfortunately had been laid off from their respective jobs, some have considered a career change now that work from home settings are preferred. 

With its popularity and intrigue from existing jobseekers, here are seven misunderstood facts about Virtual Assistant jobs:

1. “As long as you have a computer and internet access, you can be a Virtual Assistant!”

Technically speaking, this is mostly true. However, anyone under the sun can’t just qualify as a Virtual Assistant. Depending on the tasks assigned, the selected VA may need a specific degree or skill set. Some experience in the field of work may be necessary to succeed in the role. Employers may also be looking for specific skills depending on the job. At wrksourcing, we have a rigorous process in assessing our talent for our clients. We know what we’re looking for in a great VA and it goes well beyond just having a computer and reliable internet service.

2. “Being a Virtual Assistant is only for parents.”

One would assume that being a Virtual Assistant is a perfect match for those with children. This type of profession is perfect for parents who don’t have time to work a regular job given their hectic schedules. Furthermore, being a Virtual Assistant can be perfect for people without children too. If you prefer working alone or in a secluded setting, this type of job would be perfect for you.

3. “Virtual Assistants are limited to administrative work!”

Virtual Assistants may be known for their administrative work. Since the majority of businesses and companies have gone digital recently, a myriad of jobs in multiple fields are now available as well. Jobs in different fields such as art, blogging, communications, customer service, graphic design, healthcare, marketing, networking, sales, social media and so forth are just a few of them. We actually just launched our Real Estate division here at wrksourcing! 

4. “Virtual Assistants can do anything you want them to!”

Being or having a Virtual Assistant at your disposal can mean multiple things, but realistically, you always have to keep in mind what you hired your VA for. We always preach that our clients must treat our VAs with the utmost respect; professionalism must always be the top priority. The more you treat them as a part of your team, the better team player they can – and will want – to become. 

5. “Virtual Assistants are temporary!”

To think of Virtual Assistant jobs as temporary is definitely a myth. Although there are some jobs on a contractual basis, there are also full-time and permanent ones available as we shift into a new era of working from home. As a VA, one tip is to always do your own research about the company and employers beforehand. When it comes to your interview, prepare a list of all the necessary questions that you want or need to learn about.

6. “Virtual Assistants do not require training.”

Just like a traditional nine-to-five corporate job, or any other type job for that matter, virtual assistance requires optimum training. Being a Virtual Assistant is no easy feat. Especially when you’re on duty and you work in a different country from your employer where they aren’t available due to the time zone discrepancy. Ultimately you must rely on yourself; self-discipline is key! Unless you have co-workmates, which in this case, varies from company to company.

7. “Being a Virtual Assistant means easy money!”

As mentioned previously, being a Virtual Assistant isn’t easy at all. Compared to traditional jobs, the flexibility and freedom is  apples and oranges. Moreover, this doesn’t mean that being a Virtual Assistant is “easy money”. You still have to work hard and make yourself an asset to the company. Regardless if it’s a regular 9-5 job or a Virtual Assistant job.

Some jobs may appear easier than others but nothing truly comes easy.  You still have to put in the work and build your VA reputation and experience just like any regular job. When entering the world of virtual support, remember to take on tasks with an open mind and that each day you’re expanding your skill set and adding more to what you’re capable of bringing to the table with each additional task at hand!

There are no shortcuts to success. We wanted to bring these seven misunderstood facts to those looking to be a Virtual Assistant or for those entrepreneurs and business owners who are exploring whether a VA is the right fit for them. We are here to educate and support the VA community.


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