Reasons Why Virtual Assistants Are Increasing In Popularity

why virtual assistant are getting popular

We like to think we’re pretty smart over here at wrksourcing. But, by the looks of it, we’re not the only smart ones out there. The global virtual assistant market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 34.0% from 2019 to 2027, to reach USD 45.0 billion by 2027.

We actually believe that our clients make the most intelligent decisions to see the value in hiring virtual support to help them run and grow their business. We’re just here to help facilitate a better work – and personal – life for them. 

So, why is the trend of the virtual assistant growing so rapidly? Well, we’ll tell you. 

As the technological world advances, so does the workforce and the way entrepreneurs conduct their business. With a laptop and internet connection, along with a plethora of platforms available for communication, you can reach your Virtual Personal Assistant virtually anytime. 

Let’s take a deeper dive into the reasons why this job had its recent surge in terms of popularity and how that relates to you, the entrepreneur, business owner, or professional: 


Even before the pandemic and with the rise of online marketing and e-commerce, VAs (virtual assistants) have played a vital part in running this type of business. The need for VAs has grown recently, extending from online entrepreneurs to professions like real estate, personal services and even being transformative for large corporations who outsource their work to teams of virtual support. This “trend” will only continue to grow as the percentage of entrepreneurial businesses grows, thanks to a pandemic and the wave of an entire generation of younger, technically savvy individuals who see being an entrepreneur as an actual career path. Thanks to the pandemic, the openness to work with more remote teams will continue to rise. Therefore, more and more VAs will be needed (hey, works for us!). 


Comparing a regular 9-5 job to a virtual personal assistant in terms of savings is a no-brainer. Also, full-time employees are expensive beyond their hourly wages and salaries – add in sick days, vacation pay, and benefits. Oh, and don’t even get us started on egos, complex personalities and attitudes that can be toxic to the workplace. Hiring a VA all but eliminates those headaches, plus you can now reinvest those savings into an area of growth for your business. Virtual assistants love this flexible lifestyle of working from home and working on various projects, so you’ll be getting a happy and dedicated professional that you’ll be able to count on, just like you would a regular employee… just for less. 


Being a virtual assistant presents an abundance of opportunities just as much as a regular job in the corporate world. As we shift to a more high-tech future, the possibility of not even having to work in an office is upon us. This new reality applies not just to the virtual assistant but to other positions as well. Being at the forefront of this era, the virtual assistants out there will continue to provide opportunities to different people and countries worldwide. We challenge you to think of a project or specific tasks that you would love to outsource in the future, even if it seems far-fetched because as technology advances, so do virtual assistants. VAs are masters at adapting to the needs of every type of business out there. 


The word flexibility and being a VA goes hand in hand. This benefit alone is one of the main reasons why this job is very popular. Especially as we enter this post-pandemic time, flexibility provides us so many benefits. Working at home and meeting creative people while also allotting time for our personal endeavours may be one of the very few silver linings in this pandemic. We attribute this to a recent spike we see in the VA space, as this job is very highly sought by everyone looking to make a career in this new normal. The entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals we talk to love the flexibility a VA can offer them. This includes the hours they offer (fixed hours or project-based), and the variety of skill sets a company like wrksourcing offers – everything from admin to graphic design to sales support – all within reach and just a quick email away. 

These are just some reasons why being a virtual assistant is very popular today. To all entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals, hiring one will be very beneficial both professionally and personally. We think you would be very smart to embrace this trend and fully understand why and how having one will make you a happier human and a more strategic business professional.

To the job seekers who specifically lost their livelihoods during the pandemic, do your research and don’t be afraid to try something new! Most of the time, that dream job of yours is likely to have a virtual version one way or another. Explore and embrace this new trend as well! This is the new normal now, and being a virtual assistant is a fantastic path to take. How do I know? Because I am one. My name is Aubrey, and I am a virtual assistant with wrksourcing. 

Be safe and be happy out there!



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