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You know what they say, “if your dreams aren’t scary enough, they aren’t BIG enough!”

Have you thought long and hard over the past few months about a new business concept or how you can scale your own business? Perhaps one silver lining of the pandemic was business owners and entrepreneurs having more time to think about how to cultivate their first business and visualize that entrepreneurial success.

It’s difficult for many to venture outside of their long-time careers or the comfortability of the “9-5” work-life routine because, well, it’s risky. However, the reward can be HUGE if you follow your dreams and launch your own business. Passion can take us human beings a long way.

We take a little bit of that scariness – and risk – away by offering virtual specialists to help you get off the ground and send you right to space (not actual space like Elon Musk style, well, unless your company is in the aerospace field).

We have an elite team waiting to turn your dreams into REALITY. Here are five different ways a wrksourcing VA can help YOU get launched and move MOUNTAINS in your business:

1. Business Administration (registering/incorporation)

Let’s face it, you may not have the slightest idea of how to conduct daily administrative duties, and that’s perfectly fine. Our highly experienced and technically skilled Virtual Assistants can help you jump-start your operations. We perform mundane tasks such as data entry, calendar management, and research so you can focus on the strategy and actually launch your business. We can even help with the heavy lifting, such as registering or officially incorporating your business, brand, or ideas.

2. Business Plan
If you’ve ever thought about this new endeavor as “just a side hustle,” well, then you’re in for a big surprise! Our elite team of Virtual Assistants consists of technical prowess and pioneering minds in the entrepreneurial industry that will be the stepping stones to help you build your empire! Brace yourself and put your thinking cap on as you embark on a journey of learning how to map out your success with a proper business plan effectively.

3. Launch Social Media

The world of business you may have known before may not be the world of business you are experiencing today. In this day and age, marketing is everything, and the more you show up on social media, the more likely you are to reach your target audience, grow a cult-like following, and toast to your success! Fortunately, content creation, blog-writing, graphic design, videography, and social media management are our team’s bread and butter.

4. Logo/branding
There’s a good chance you’re not a creative person, so coming up with the actual logo can be a daunting task. It may seem like the easiest part, but it can be a complicated process realizing your brand identity, mission, and vision. Don’t fret, our creative VAs will provide advice and guide you through the entire process of creating your logo and brand.

5. Website setup and development
In addition to the social media side of things, the main goal should be redirecting everyone to your website. This is where the necessary information and finer details like process, pricing, and services will live. Our VAs experienced in web development will work with you to build your own website that you will be proud to show off to your friends, family – and most importantly, your potential clients.

At wrksourcing, we’re all about taking your business to the next level! We help aspiring entrepreneurs turn their vision into motion with an elite team of Virtual Assistants with a wide variety of skillsets/backgrounds.

No contracts! You can always pay for a 10-hour “Test ya Out!” wrksourcing hourly bucket to see if we’re a good fit!

Now, what are you waiting for? Get started today and head over to: for your FREE consultation now.


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