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Case Study #1

Name: Nick

The Ask: I don’t have time for business development and building a pipeline. Can you help?

Solution: The wrksourcing team spoke to Nick to understand his ideal client. We learned all about his business and his sales goals for the year. From there, we were able to research and find verified contacts (with email addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts) to reach out to

Quote: “While I own and operate a business by myself, I’ve never been in sales. With wrksourcing, I feel like I have a sales rep on my team helping me build a pipeline. I’ve seen such an increase in revenue, and I don’t expect it to stop! I recommend this service to anyone in a similar situation.”

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Case Study #2

Name: Matt

The Ask: I’m taking on a side-hustle and will need a partner to help take admin tasks off my hands when needed.

Solution: Not only was the wrksourcing team ready to help Matt with his admin tasks, we also assisted on graphic design, and our in-house consultants guided Matt through the process of his new entrepreneurial journey.

Quote: “I honestly wouldn’t have taken on this side-hustle role without knowing I have the wrksourcing team in my back pocket. They are more than a safety net for me, they have become a true strategic partner that I can rely on whenever I need them.”

Case Study #3

Name: Andrew

The Ask: Can you tweak my website to a format that I can update on my own? 

Solution: wrksourcing revised Andrew’s website in a way for him to make minor changes. We not only made these changes, but we sent instructional videos we recorded back to Andrew for future reference.

Quote: “I was starting a new side-business and had a website that someone built for me. I wanted to revise it, but I couldn’t figure it out on my own. Not only did the wrksourcing revise it, they re-built it in a new format to make it easier for me to manage on my own. Oh, and they designed a new logo for me as well.”


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