9 Signs You Need to Hire a Virtual Assistant

signs you need a virtual assistant

In today’s day and age, having a Virtual Assistant will not only translate to efficiency in your work life but your personal life as well. 

As if our professional lives aren’t busy enough as we’re bombarded with different tasks, deadlines, meetings, and obligations, many find it challenging to balance our personal lives. We tend to miss birthdays, dates, family gatherings and reunions without even realizing it.

As we transition into the new normal, here are 9 signs why you need to hire a Virtual Assistant and how they make your lives more manageable overall.

1 – You don’t have a physical office

With the work-from-home setting now dubbed as the “new normal,” more and more entrepreneurs and side hustlers gravitate towards doing business online. Having a VA will help you ease into this transition no matter their location.

2 – You don’t have a big budget

Having multiple employees doing different tasks will not only prove costly but inefficient too. A VA will be able to do a number of tasks given their availability. Instead of paying a group of employees, hire a VA who can do it all while also cutting down on costs.

3 – No time

Let’s face it. You barely have time to finish your daily tasks, let alone remember that dinner reservation on a Friday night. With a VA, they can organize your work schedule and your personal schedule. Maybe even help you with picking out a great outfit for that date night… that is when we can go back out in public for “actually dates” again.

4 – Missed opportunities

Your overall missed opportunities may be hard to count by now. Instead of spending long hours of overtime on work, let a VA finish those remaining tasks. In this way, you can have more time to spend on missed opportunities and life events.

5 – Running out of ideas

It’s hard to brainstorm with your colleagues when you all have a similar task at hand. Having a VA provides a brand new perspective. If you’re running out of fresh ideas, whether it’s for work or personal related, a VA may be able to provide research and “out of the box” ideas.

6 – Lack of productivity

If you’re feeling less productive and inefficient, it’s probably because you’re overwhelmed with so much to do. A VA will be able to help you with any task. Schedule a meeting? Check. Finish a report? Check. Follow up with clients? Check. Golf reservations? Check. You name it, and a VA can do it.

7 – Stress

As if you aren’t stressed enough at work already, you’re stressed at home also. Take the time to improve your mental, physical and overall wellbeing. Having a VA will take care of the rest and give you all the time to recuperate. 

8 – Losing balance

You don’t have to worry about balancing your work life and your personal life anymore. A VA will be able to cater to you anytime you want. A service like this gives you more time to spend more quality moments with people who matter the most.

9 – Reward yourself

Finally, it’s time to reward yourself! This is the moment to spend that overly anticipated time all to yourself. Whether it’s booking a vacation or pursuing a long-time passion, you can finally enjoy the freedom knowing that you’re entrusting your responsibilities to a trusted VA.


Who doesn’t love a good list. We had fun creating the above because we’ve seen firsthand every single one of those signs, and nothing makes us happier to help support our clients to give them back their time and eliminate stress in their daily life. 

If you see any of the 9 signs above in your life and don’t already have a virtual assistant… what are you waiting for? 


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